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RC Switch 1 (D6)

RC Switch 2 (D7)

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About VK5OI

My Shack is located in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. This page is being served by my Raspberry Pi (Model B) running Lighttpd. The gauges and switches etc are controlled by a Freetronics Etherten Arduino clone, with built in Ethernet.

All of the Arduino code comes from an outstanding Website Starting Electronics There is an brilliant set of Tutorials for setting up all sorts of Web Servers, Clients Data Loggers etc.

The Raspberry Pi is also running my VPN Server (PPTP) and NAS Drives via Samba. All of this is running happily on the one Raspberry Pi and it seems to handle it all easily.

I travel a bit for work, so you can see my current location via the APRS-fi live map below. This updates in real time so no need to refresh the page. The main idea behind this page originally was so I could keep an eye on the shack solar system etc while away. I can control my rigs (FT-847 and FT-100) remotely via HRD and VNC software, so I can work PSK etc from anywhere. I intend to include Voip capability as well so I can work voice modes as well, or just listen around the bands at night.

Raspberry Pi Status

This is a Link to my Raspberry Pi Status Page

Just click on start to see real time info on the my Raspi's CPU, Memory, temperature etc. You can even look at historical trends.

It's by RPi-Experiences It's super simple to get running, and you can add customer inputs, like Temperature etc. Check it out!

Template Information

This is a free template I found on the web, by web design florida

It is the easiest to use, manipulate and understand for a rank beginner like me. I recommend you check them out if you need somewhere to start.

Current Location of VK5OI-9

This map updtes in real time, no need to refresh the page

Have a look at to see how to do it

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  • Current: ... A
  • Voltage: ... V
  • Temp Battery: ...C
  • Temp Ambient: ...C

    Feedback Inputs

    Input 1 (D2): ...

    Input 2 (D3): ...

    Input 3 (D5): ...